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Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Bailey, Annette Assistant 765-654-4473 x215
Bandy, Jodi Assistant 765-654-4473 x215
Batts, Debbie Special Needs Assistant 765-654-4473 x279
Bracken, Jeff STEM Teacher 765-654-4473 x209
Burkhalter, Kelley Assistant 765-654-4473 x234
Carter, Shelley Teacher 765-654-4473 x212
Clark, Judy School Nurse 765-659-3305 x435
Coapstick, Stephanie Title I Assistant 765-654-4473 x273
Cole, Rebecca Title I Assistant 765-654-4473 x273
Crabtree, Carly Teacher 765-654-4473 x264
Cullom, Jim Tech Support 765-654-4473 x473
DeBord, Candace Assistant 765-654-4473 x210
DeLong, Sue Teacher 765-654-4473 x244
Doyle, Hillary Teacher 765-654-4473 x242
Ecenbarger, Carly Art Teacher 765-654-4473 x272
Fingerle, Tonya Assistant 765-654-4473 x278
Garriott, Debra Special Needs Assistant 765-654-4473 x243
Good, Clarice Secretary 765-654-4473 x200
Gunderman, Roberta Music Teacher 765-654-4473 x313
Gunyon, Debbie Assistant Librarian 765-654-4473 x275
Haines, Jennifer Teacher 765-654-4473 x221
Hickox, Victoria Teacher 765-654-4473 x241
Kelley, Jennifer Assistant 765-654-4473 x277
Kozuch, Stephanie Counselor 765-654-4473 x281
Larimore, Kay Assistant 765-654-4473 x208
Larimore, Terra Assistant 765-654-4473 x279
Lennon, Ashley Title I Assistant 765-654-4473 x273
Lewis, Kelsey Teacher 765-654-4473 x271
Lock, Shandi Teacher 765-654-4473 x231
Mareska, Sarah Teacher 765-654-4473 x279
Marsh, Megan Teacher 765-654-4473 x211
Mennen, Abbey Teacher 765-654-4473 x204
Miller, Amanda Computer Teacher 765-654-4473 x472
Miller, Britney Teacher 765-654-4473 x215
Miller, Lisa Teacher 765-654-4473 x208
Minth, Linda Treasurer 765-654-4473 x203
Moore, Amanda Teacher 765-654-4473 x233
Morris, LeAnne Teacher 765-654-4473 x213
Myers, Jon Technology Coordinator 765-659-3305 x471
Myers, Terri Teacher 765-654-4473 x232
Neal, Annette Teacher 765-654-4473 x205
Panozzo, Katy Teacher 765-654-4473 x276
Pierce, Jayne Teacher 765-654-4473 x254
Pletch, Amber Instructional Assistant 765-654-4473 x308
Price, Catherine Teacher 765-654-4473 x253
Redington, Kim Assistant 765-654-4473 x221
Robertson, Hannah Teacher 765-654-4473 x263
Rutledge, Alisa Teacher 765-654-4473 x234
Schilling, Angie Music Teacher 765-654-4473 x477
Schoonveld, Elaine Teacher 765-654-4473 x235
Schrock, Pat Teacher 765-654-4473 x222
Scott, Kayla Teacher 765-654-4473 x245
Shoemaker, Renee Teacher 765-654-4473 x252
Simon, Katelyn Teacher 765-654-4473 x224
Smith, Kelsey Instructional Teacher 765-659-3305 x308
Stine, Traci Teacher 765-654-4473 x207
Stockberger, Kreg Teacher 765-654-4473 x262
Stowers, Sherry Teacher 765-654-4473 x277
Stuard, Marta Teacher 765-654-4473 x243
Swope, Rayna Teacher 765-654-4473 x261
VanBriggle, Heather Instructional Assistant 765-654-4473 x308
Walker, Kristi Teacher 765-654-4473 x223
Ward, Kelly Teacher 765-654-4473 x210
Weaver, Matt Elementary P.E. 765-654-4473 x274
Welch, Emily Assistant Principal 765-654-4473 x201
Werner, Karen Assistant 765-654-4473 x223
Wertz, Naomi Assistant 765-654-4473 x204
Wilson, Clint Principal 765-654-4473 x202
Winchester, Kyleigh Assistant 765-654-4473 x207
    • Administrative Office

      Clinton Prairie School Corporation
      2390 S. County Road 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-1339
      Fax: (765) 659-5305
      Amanda Whitlock, Superintendent

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Clinton Prairie Jr./Sr. High School
      2400 S CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-3305
      Fax: (765) 659-3205
      Kirsten Clark, Principal
    • Elementary

      Clinton Prairie Elementary School
      2500 S. CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 654-4473
      Fax: (765) 659-9560
      Clinton Wilson, Principal

      Our Mission

      The mission of the Clinton Prairie School Corporation is to provide the appropriate educational program and safe learning environment to effectively support the mission statements of the Jr./Sr. High school and Elementary school, enabling our students to achieve their personal best and make a positive contribution to society.
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