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Jr./Sr. High School
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Staff Directory

Name Position Phone
Albitz, Michelle FACS Teacher 765-659-3305 x338
Alexander, Brian Maintenance 765-659-3305 x474
Anderson, Janelle FACS Teacher 765-659-3305 x337
Anthrop, Amie Physical Education Teacher 765-659-3305 x382
Batt, Angela Guidance Secretary 765-659-3305 x394
Bedwell, Amber Agriculture Teacher 765-659-3305 x327
Boddicker, Becky Special Education 765-659-3305 x306
Buschman, Greg Math Teacher 765-659-3305 x358
Butler, Jill Special Education 765-659-3305 x303
Clark, Judy Registered Nurse 765-654-4473 x435
Clark, Kirsten Principal 765-659-3305 x391
Coe, Aaron English Teacher 765-659-3305 x354
Comerford, Thomas Art Teacher 765-659-3305 x329
Cullom, Jim Tech Support 765-659-3305 x473
Doyle, Jana Treasurer 765-659-3305 x392
Eaton, Brian Athletic Director 765-659-3305 x397
Fitch, Jennifer Math Teacher 765-659-3305 x359
Heim, Melissa Science Teacher 765-659-3305 x330
Henley, Jeff English Teacher 765-659-3305 x352
Hennen, Brian Math Teacher 765-659-3305 x301
Hilgediek, Dan Social Studies Teacher 765-659-3305 x335
Johnson, Heath Science Teacher 765-659-3305 x332
Johnson, Rebecca Director of Student Services 765-659-3305 x395
Jones, Alissa Instructional Assistant 765-659-3305 x308
Jones, Raymond Physical Education Teacher 765-659-3305 x309
King, Leslie Secretary 765-659-3305 x300
Marty, Jake Maintenance 765-659-3305 x383
McClure, Jodi Spanish Teacher 765-659-3305 x365
Miller, Lisa Teacher 765-654-4473 x208
Murray, Christina School Counselor 765-659-3305 x396
Nehrig, Michelle English Teacher 765-659-3305 x360
Osborn, Christa Athletic Secretary 765-659-3305 x378
Oshel, Elizabeth Science Teacher 765-659-3305 x339
Pletch, Amber Instructional Assistant 765-659-3305 x308
Sabens, Sarah English Teacher 765-659-3305 x304
Schilling, Angie Music Teacher 765-659-3305 x313
Schutz, Deb Teaching Assistant 765-659-3305 x306
Scott, Matthew Social Studies Teacher 765-659-3305 x357
Scott, Megan High School Librarian 765-659-3305 x333
Seager, Nick Engineer Tech Aide 765-659-3305 x385
Sheets, Beth Math Teacher 765-659-3305 x305
Smith, Brad Jr./Sr. High Assistant Principal 765-659-3305 x393
Smith, Tara English Teacher 765-654-7089 x353
Stevenson, Kelsie Spanish Teacher 765-659-3305 x356
Swinford, Erin English Teacher 765-659-3305 x355
Villano, Michael Band Teacher 765-659-3305 x312
Walker, Joe Teacher 765-659-3305 x475
Williams, Jane Teaching Assistant 765-659-3305 x307
Wines, Shaun Science Teacher 765-659-3305 x331
Woodling, Paul Business Teacher 765-659-3305 x361
    • Administrative Office

      Clinton Prairie School Corporation
      2390 S. County Road 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-1339
      Fax: (765) 659-5305
      Amanda Whitlock, Superintendent

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Clinton Prairie Jr./Sr. High School
      2400 S CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-3305
      Fax: (765) 659-3205
      Kirsten Clark, Principal
    • Elementary

      Clinton Prairie Elementary School
      2500 S. CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 654-4473
      Fax: (765) 659-9560
      Clinton Wilson, Principal

      Our Mission

      The mission of the Clinton Prairie School Corporation is to provide the appropriate educational program and safe learning environment to effectively support the mission statements of the Jr./Sr. High school and Elementary school, enabling our students to achieve their personal best and make a positive contribution to society.
  • Location

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