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Security Procedures

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We take the security of our school and the protection of your child very seriously.  In light of recent acts of school violence nationwide, we have implemented several measures to increase our school’s security.

The U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines for school security recommends limiting school access points and implementing a visitor control system.  In response, we have limited access to the school and implemented a visitor control and tracking system.  This easy-to-use system takes each Visitor’s photo and prints a badge.  It will also be used for printing Tardy slips, and will record when your child is released early from school.

You will need to bring a government issued photo identification (Driver's License or ID Card) with you to enter the building.  Your ID will be scanned when you check in as a visitor or sign a student out for the day.

When you visit the school, go to the computer terminal, click on the appropriate badge and type in your name and reason for visit.  Click on “take photo” and “check-in” and the system will quickly take your photo, log your time and print your visitor badge.  You will be amazed that this system takes no more time than our present paper sign-in system and offers another level of security for your student at our school.  Please wear this badge at all times while in the school.  When you leave, simply click the red “check-out box” on the front of the screen and click on your name.

If you need assistance with this system, please feel free to ask anyone in the office.  Thank you for your help in making our school a safer place for your children.
    • Administrative Office

      Clinton Prairie School Corporation
      2390 S. County Road 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-1339
      Fax: (765) 659-5305
      Scott Miller, Superintendent

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Clinton Prairie Jr./Sr. High School
      2400 S CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-3305
      Fax: (765) 659-3205
      Kirsten Clark, Principal
    • Elementary

      Clinton Prairie Elementary School
      2500 S. CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 654-4473
      Fax: (765) 659-9560
      Becky Boddicker, Principal

      Our Mission

      The mission of the Clinton Prairie School Corporation is to provide the appropriate educational program and safe learning environment to effectively support the mission statements of the Jr./Sr. High school and Elementary school, enabling our students to achieve their personal best and make a positive contribution to society.
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